People and Places

Baldur’s Gate
Polulation 42,000

Local Law Enforcement, Flaming Fist. Distinguishing marks; Wear black helms with a vertical red stripe on either side.

Local Services

  • Guides/Porters:Lamp Boy/Lass
  • Counting House:Department of weights and measures, ran by Ilgend and Fizor Clockticker(Dwarves.)
  • Mages:
    Ramazith Flamesinger
    Sorcerous Sundries(Mage Shop ran by Halbazzer Drin)
  • Manycoins House:Merchants League
  • Marketplace:The Wide
  • Inns:
    The Helm and Cloak
    Three Old Kegs
    The Sword and Stars

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People and Places

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