Month / Name / Common name

  1. Hammer / Deepwinter
  2. Alturiak / The Claw of Winter
  3. Ches / The Claw of the Sunsets
  4. Tarsakh / The Claw of the Storms
  5. Mirtul / The Melting
  6. Kythorn / The Time of Flowers
  7. Flamerule / Summertide
  8. Elesias / Highsun
  9. Eleint / The Fading
  10. Marpenoth / Leaffall
  11. Uktar / The Rotting
  12. Nightal / The Drawing Down

Western Heartlands

DR 1368, Year of the Banner

Alturiak 14th,
Nostrdameus and Godrik arive at Baldur’s Gate
Alturiak 15th,
Malakai and Shrek join the party
Party decides to collect Gibberling hides from Cloakwood for 5sp a piece.
Alturiak 16th,
Volgren joins the party
Encounter:Small Band of Kobolds(14) Small trench. Attacked and Broken.
Encounter:Gibberlings(12) Cart covered in blood and arrows. Attacked, Broken, cart retrieved(Murphy’s Cart).
Alturiak 17th,
Party makes it to Cloakwood
Encounter:Gibberlings(20) Attacked, Broken, Hides Taken
Alturiak 19th,
Party returns to Baldur’s Gate(Malakai and Volgren are missing)
Hides sold for 47.6gp
Party Hired by Magistrate Donner the rescue Tandle Flechtfaster, son of the Magistrate’s fletcher.
Keldran Highhammer joins party
Alturiak 18th,
Party leaves Baldur’s Gate
Encounter:Bandits(4) Posed as a party guarding a wagon lead by 1 man and 2 women
Bandits killed(3), captured(1), wagon party killed, supplies buried, prisoner left tied up on the road.
Killed(4), Ran away(7), Hypnotized(1)
Alturiak 20th,
The hypnotized orc leads the party throughout the night to the orcish camp.
Killed(6) and buried
The party spends the rest of the day scouting the camp.
That night they sneak in to camp to rescue Tandle.
Orcs killed, Tandle Rescued and taken away by Keldron on his horse.
Alturiak 21st,
Encounter:Orcs(14) Waylaid Keldron and Tandle
Killed(8), Ran away(6), Tandle Slain
Friar Mork joins party
Volgren returns without Malakai
Alturiak 22nd,
Alturiak 23rd,
Party returns to Baldur’s Gate
Keldron negotiates party to steal treasure from the Hidden Hand thieves guild.
Swift joins party
Atluriak 24th,
High hall of the Hidden Hand is entered
Killed(1), Swift slain

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